Monday, February 22, 2010

THE PLAN to Plan

Often our money mimicks the condition of our lives.  This is ONE BOLD statement, I know~but have you ever known someone who. . . I could say, never has enough or always is doing well? Either extreme is a picture of our lives in a sense.  Think for a minute about housing.  Can we rent with poor credit, buy with poor credit, and we certainly have nothing to LOAN with poor credit? I am often overwhelmed with the need to control our finances, which does mirror my need to control my life~my life of spending and saving~which with all of life needs a GOOD PLAN and a clear and concise balance. 

After talking with my dear friend, Debbie today, she said to me~make a plan.  Write down what needs to be done so you aren't overwhelmed~~~BUT HERE COMES THE WISE PART cause we ALL know this, right??? BUT "don't write more than five minutes! Then get up and do the plan!" What sage advice because I often get BOGGED down in the needs of my life~my financial world to the place that action becomes snuffed out in the planning phase and sooo I stay in my rut!

What about you? Are you soooo planned up that action is eluding the doing of the plan?  Let's get out that handy-dandy notebook and plan~write down a few things that need to be done TODAY.  Just a few accomplishable items that are needed.  Nothing big, nothing that will take hours~just a few things that can be done in a few minutes~AND then DO THEM!! I started with my list, and I've been up~up and doing~IT'S FEELING GREAT!!

Remember to plan to plan which is important, but DOING will accomplish the plan! WHAT needs doing in your world. I have a list. Do you? Let's get going with a five minute list and then doing a few minutes at a time and by this evening I can bet we will have all accomplished MORE than we dreamed! SATISFACTION IS ON THE WAY!!!

Planning and doing~a few at a time!
My money will be safer as I take care of my life. (HOW many times have I purchased the item I already OWN because I was disorganized or some other malady that taking care would have managed??~OUCH!! this is painful to realize, but a huge key in money management!)

I will focus on:

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