Thursday, February 18, 2010

CREDIT Temptress~

Our family is working to become 100% debt free~IN THIS ECONOMY, which is not easy feat! But we are working hard at triming our budget and I am ever sooo tempted! The temptation is insidious too! We need dental work~ALL OF US...with no dental insurance and no prospects of having it either~it's CASH up front or CREDIT! Yesterday I went to the dentist who says I have three~THREE cavities that need work, but two are in wisdom teeth~WON'T BE FILLING these bad boys~and ONE that needs work ASAP! Sooo what do I do...who's got $150 in their hip pocket for an hours worth of work? UH???? Well, sooo I am coming back the first of next month with cash in hand. I refrained from the CREDIT LURE to go a head~and incure debt! Oh I have other needs too, and since it isn't something like open heart surgery or other thing that without I will die, I am waiting, and saving...

DELAYED GRATIFICATION is such an ugly concept for some of us! I can still (always will) remember my toddlers SCREAMING "I WANT IT NOW!" and hitting the floor in loud yells! In time they learned as we all must, that WAITING IS SOO worth it. 

What do you have that needs some time to gather up the funds? Is it dental like me or another "necessity" of life?  Is it a desire and not a need?  We must evaluate the necessary items from the desired ones and control our impulse to have it immediately.

WALK AWAY first.
THEN think long and hard, "Can I put this off?"  "Do I need it?" and "Do I need it now?"
ACT at this point AFTER considering the questions and their HONEST answers! None of this, "I'm dying for a capiccino RIGHT NOW!" stuff!!!

Delaying our desires and some of our needs will help us to widdle down debt and bring greater abilities to withstand the CREDIT TEMPTRESS who wants all our money in high interest payments and service charges! CHUNK HER right out the door by waiting for what you can so you can save and then go CASH WISE through life~
We will be RICHER for it!

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