Monday, March 22, 2010

Being Positive About Change

Keeping our chin up despite CHANGE that our government is handing us will help us all to stand stronger as challenges come!

Where do you draw your courage, energy, strength when times get tough? Are you facing tough financial woes like downsizing, job loss or a housing crisis of your own? Are things just a bit tougher than before, but you are OK right now, but concerned about the future?

Is your strength coming from within, without or from above? It's not really easy to face "devastation" or challenges when things seem bleak, but looking to any positives can help us succeed and plan.

1. What do we need to accomplish?
Identify what needs to happen. Make a goal. Ask ourselves: IS it possible? If in doubt. evaluate according to resources and reserves. What do I have to accomplish what needs to be accomplished~already or what I can GET to accomplish the goal?  My reserves will include my WILL, my willingness to go for it, and my determination~do I really REALLY want to do it? Must I do it? Should I do it?

2. Make a plan.
    After clear assessment of the goal, then figure in all the steps needed to accomplish the goal.
    1. Make the steps reasonable.
    Why would I set myself up for failure? Sometimes a goal is purely unreasonable. Like: Millionaire before age 50 when I have no clear cut process or even ambition to achieve it.  Evaluate again! Is this possible or probable? For Sister T, the reality of ME becoming a millionaire is highly improbable since I am doing nothing to achieve such a goal, but with a sound plan and desire, it could occur~I'd certainly be closer with trying than without trying!

     2.  Make the steps measurable.
   How will I know if I am accomplishing my goal if I have no way to measure my success? Lists, charts and journals are some ways to document what is really going on. I recommend a notebook to record expenditures so that ALL spending is recorded for a debt busting lifestyle. HOW will I know what something costs and I have gotten the best price IF I don't ever write it down? I won't! I need to have a record of a measurable step in the process of reaching my goal...

    3. Evaluate the plan for success or failure.
  How frequent am I accomplishing what is needed to reach the goal? WHAT is really going on, the trend of the steps in the plan towards accomplishing the goal?

3. Work the plan with determination! As the plan is worked, feed on the successes and learn from any mishaps. Mishaps are not necessarily failures, but opportunities to LEARN HOW to succeed better! Stay focused and positive despite obstacles and issues. Put up some signage around for your eyes to inspire~is it a new size in weight loss? Post up that dress you desire. Is it burning the mortgage early? Put up a picture of your home with the word, FREE over it! Visuals and words can encourage us. Use Scripture to enhance the positive effects of the mind over the goal. God's Word is amazing and inspiring!

Change can be good, and it can be bad, but either way, our interior motivation needs to be positive so that we are better able to accomplish our goal..
What are you planning? Keep positive~All things are possible to him who believes...

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Haupi said...

Sober advice that's needed in today's world. I'm struggling to keep afloat and have recently stablized so I'm okay for right now. Good point in making practical goals - since we, or at least I, had all these bad judgments on myself when things started to go south for me which made it worst looking back on it. Anywhoo, I'm your new follower for sure. Maybe you could follow me too? Thanks!