Thursday, March 18, 2010

Unusual Uses~repurposing for savings!

Do you have something you use that isn't made for that use but works really well and saves you  chunka-change? I have a couple that you might want to try. Figure it this way, if it's something you already own or something else you don't have to purchase, this is some built in savings for the pocketbook.

  • Try coffee filters to cover cooking in the microwave~if you already have these, they are way less costly than plastic wrap and papertowels.  

  • Borax laundry booster for flea control in carpet. This little box of powder works well as a deodorizer for the trash cans and also whitens clothing (original use) in the laundry~but NOT only does it kill fleas, the borax will kill bugs off all types!! Borax is safe for children and pets too~just don't let them eat it~(follow directions~) 

  • Try some vinegar or rubbing alcohol or even amonia (don't mix any of these and use them seperately if you try them all) to clean glass in the great and no other product needed. You can polish out the windows or table tops by being sure to use opposite strokes as you clean so that all smudging is removed.

  • Facial tissues can be duplicated with toilette paper. This is an old tried and true, especially if you get some soft tp...

  • Dryer sheets (used ones) make GREAT dusting cloths that are disposible like some bought brands.   These are essentially free as they are tossed after use!

  •'s one: you are eating an orange, lemon or grapefruit and removing the peels. Set them in a pretty dish so their aroma can waft for a day or two. You will be surprised how nice this will gently and naturally smell. Also you can place these in a cleaned out trashcan (with liner) OLD plastic grocery or superstore bags for an improved scent.

WHAT kinds of repurposes are you into? Share them and let's have some fun!

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SisterTipster said...

Here's another REPURPOSE: Need a hair dyer like the beauty shop, but 1. don't want to go the the beauty shop or
2. don't want to purchase one?

USE the blow dryer (hand held type) and a pillow case. Use a rubber band to secure the pillow case to the dryer and dry away!

Roll up the hair in loads of time for it to air dry without a dryer...ha~who has time to think this far in advance? Years ago women curled their hair without dryers...we might need to look to the ways of the past to combat the CHANGE of the future!
SisterT ;-))