Thursday, March 11, 2010

We've Been Dooped!

I am MYTH busting! Yes~ Let's figure out HOW we've had our minds set into a mode that has enslaved us to debt~for if we figure this out, we can overcome the negatives of debt and spending ourselves to the poorhouse!

My family had a conversation at the dinner table the other night. It's was quite interesting as I heard my husband discuss unique marketing strategy by some of the most well known out there with products that when done at home or created without industry were not as popular. Case in point was the Ronco food dryer~do you remember that one? I bet it's still around, and all cuddos to Mr. Ron as his dryer does make nice dried food. My mother remembered buying me one~sooo I am speaking first hand on this whole thing. It worked nicely, but it was really too small for the large batches of food we were drying. You can't tell the tree that is producting to "slow down" so the dryer can catch up, so my husband built a dryer that was huge but did the job. Years ago in the times past of our world, before preservation of refrideration and canning, drying was done~hence the principle he used. So with this said though, when it came to making money, the marketed item was a small neatly compact item ANYONE could countertop use~but imagine that little ditty trying to dry enough to feed and WHOLESALE FEED a large family~the large families of the past~NOT! Sooo when he began to market the idea of a dryer, he had to make it fit into our neat little "concept" of how our world works!  Of course, I am sure~he made money! Now I don't have the figures for sure~but the real point is that something that is useful and good could not have sold had it not been packaged in a way USEFUL for the larger segment of the population~women who might dry a little food like beef jerky or some fruit roll up type stuff on occasion~as the dryer would not handle large volume or probaly long long usage.  With all said, the marketing, packaging, and even products are put before our eyes...take the shopper television channels~pick any other them.  Ever listen to what the people on there say? "ARE you buying for yourself or someone special?" "Oh, yes! You deserve ____ nice for yourself!" "Yay, you!!" OK!OK!! Anybody figure out that this is a crafty work to make us think we are spending (the perception of) to make ourselves better?

Perception is not necessarily reality! We've all been brainwashed into thinking about the "AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE" while the rest of the world hates us for our greed. Look at our living standards. We whine and cry that our homes are not HGTV perfect, but WHO told us or who tells us what is IN for our homes? Yeah, the merchandisers and marketers! I USED to watch it! TRUE, but when I realized that the color pallets changed often, the styles changed often then I found myself with discontentment and anguish over what I didn't or don't have! BUT whooooooo was telling me this? Programming me to think that I had LACK in my life???~oh yeah, those same people who want me to haul my little hard earned money out my house to their store and BUY their stuff~and mo stuff until I can't move! Also think about this. Who is it that owns these things and sponsors them? We are being lured into debt.

Food is enhanced in restaurants to bring us back. CAN YOU MAKE A BURGER at home taste like a fast food one? NOPE, no matter what you do~the freshest beef and other ingredients~it's not the BEEF in the burger that lures us,,,,we can get and make's the (unknown)stuff that enhances the flavors to bring us back! AND just like Phillip Morris enhancing his tobacco to bring the smoker back to his back of cigarettes, so we are drawn to the restaruant thinking our lives are better~we are richer, more affluent. Ha! Yeah, ever see that movie, "Size Me Up?" where the producer lived on MickyDs for an extended time getting a baseline health test prior and during the trial. Let me say, it was an eye opener for me and certainly a great case to stay away from fast food. OK...sooo with this all said, what can be done?

CHANGING our thinking is the KEY~true key to becoming debt free. First looking well~very well to what we are doing in our homes where money is leaking out the cracks of our foundations~could be literal, but I am speaking figurative here! Cracks in our foundation are those areas in our lives where we fail to see just what is needed to live healthy and a whole life.

I read other thrift-monger bloggers who tout couponing and bargain buying in areas I think are silly. SILLY! AND what do I mean by that? Silly in that the perception of savings IF I've spent money I could have otherwise saved is truly silly and wasteful. Case in point are all the drug store products that simply are not necessary when there are other less costly items to use in their place. As a general rule, the drug store or pharmacy center is more pricey~they are counting on getting you in there with the coupons for things you may not even need~how many shampoos or other items does a family need a month? THRIFT will also begin with using less and taking care of what we have! How far can we take a bottle of shampoo before we need to replace it. Do this will all essentials. Toilette paper is one that if the children can be trained a good bit can be saved. I realized the other day that this particular brand is a tad thicker so less is's also a cost saver!

SSSssoooooo perception must be dealt with! Don't forget to follow what you love! If that paint on your wall makes your heart sing and it's clean and neat, why change it to align to some fashion guru who you will never meet much less who will come to call?  AND as for the fast or sloww ww food restaurant, do your wallet and your health a favor and find other entertainment for living! We are blessed with a $1 movie theater! What's in your area to enjoy? Think parks, gymns, walking tracks, pools and more!

Let's not be dooped any further and bust perception into line so that we can all truly become financially sound and live richer fuller lives!

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