Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coupon eBook on the FREE~

Thank You Saving Money Plan for this FREE Couponizer's Ebook giving essential info on couponing. While this eBook is written to promote the use of couponing, I must say that using coupons needs to come with great wisdom and moderation! I am not a HUGE FAN of coupons as often there are less costly options for the same comparable products, but there are instances when having a coupon is a SAVER! I use them and SEARCH for them for things like hair cuts and items such as computer products, and other stuff that is needful. I look for the lowest prices on most foods and generally purchase store brands or from the thrifty dent can store. A "dent can store" is my description for the store that sells foods that are sooo discounted because the packaging is damaged~of course the inside is fine!! AND so hence the name, but the savings are awesome!  See if there isn't one in your neck of the woods.

I did find this helpful and believe a solid use of coupons is effective in items that otherwise you would not find another way to save. Be sure to compare pricing. It USED TO BE the larger the bulk there was savings, but not necessarily so. Take the handy dandy notebook and calculator to get price per oz or pound. Also when chosing produce, find the nicest, heaviest, prettiest FRESHEST looking~feel and smell it!

Coupon when necessary!

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