Monday, May 10, 2010


Debt is being discussed more and more in our world.  Isn't the USA touted as the world's most indebted country of all time? I've just read this folks! And WHY would it be so important to become debt free both nationally and personally?

Debt causes a vaccum of want and ultimately need as the amount owed is called for by the lender. Talk about pressue from this vaccum! Just imagine if our creditors asked us to repay our debt in one payment or  possibly two? WHAT would happen? Would we forclose or forfeit the debt for a return of some sort of value to the lender? This is what happens in home foreclosure. Houses are confiscated when money is requested by lenders, and it's not available! When the lender wants his money that is owed him it is huge stress because pressures increase!

But if we can find a way to become debt free~to live within our means no matter the meager wage or income, then we can be free of such pressures. This is true for us personally and nationally! Our nation will have to repay as will each of us for what we barrow from another! We must be sure that our debts don't increase because what we get for our borrowing needs to remain valuable so when we have to repay, the value is still available!  If we lose value, then we lose big time as we have nothing with which to repay our creditor. We must MUST must find healthy and innovative ways to reduce our debt. This will take sacrifice on our parts. We cannot be lured into spending what is not ours to spend~either personally or nationally no matter how good it all sounds!! WE MUST BE RESPONSIBLE for our spending!

It's so important to become debt free and avoid debt by living within our means.  This won't be easy when all around us is all kinds of advertising to GET OUR MONEY today and in the future!  That's really what debt is~ someone who guaranteed our money into our futures for a HUGE PRICE!

I got really excited seeing a friend's pics of her prepared and newly planted garden. Go Jennifer!! This was absolutely awesome and what a cost saver!! I know there is hard work and an initial outlay of funds, but in the end, so worth it!  Making anykind of plan to use what we have, make what we need less and save some can help whether it's the summer garden we just planted, using found objects to save money in needed items or making and selling things, it can all help! The idea is to save and KEEP more than comes into the home.  We must learn and learn well~our future is at stake here!

Remember to KNOW how much you owe, make a plan to pay it down as quickly as possible, and find ways to make the money we have last longer AND SAVE SOME!! THRIFT busts up debt!

It's so important to become debt free for so many reasons and the future absolutely depends upon it.
The old saying:
Live like nobody today,so you can live like nobody tomorrow!

Make a plan! Stick to it!

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