Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day On a Budget

It's the last few days before Mother's Day and the budget is busted and there's little time to make an elaborite something special.  What to do?

If you live in the same city or town as your mother, cook what you know she will enjoy and invite her over Sunday.  Deck out the table with whatever you have that's pretty~we're on a budget with little to spare so go digging and use what you have.  Special linnens, dishes, and a few extra pretty touches like some home picked, garden grown flowes arranged in a pretty container for a centerpiece.  OK, no flowers? No problem.  What about a candle or several for the table? Only go this route if you already have candles.  Centerpieces can be whatever is pretty and will adorn the table.  Bowl of fruit? How about checking out what is available around the house that will be pretty.  The idea is to make the table special for mom. 

IF your mother lives out of town, TODAY is the day to get that card in the mail.  DO IT! Don't delay! To get there by Sat it's crucial that you move on it NOW! AND let the kiddos make the card or cards.  Grandmothers generally LOVE cards handmade from their grands.  You can make your own envelope to mail the card(s) in if you don't have a "stray" one lying around. 

Ideas on the cheap:
Do a pedicure or manicure for your mother.  These are sooo luxurious and relaxing.  Make mom a coupon offering the gift.  Present the "gift" card on Mother's Day.

Gift basket of items she'll love.  I recommend Dollar Tree for inexpensive shopping.  They have the filler for the bottom of the basket and the basket along with celephane for wrapping the basket after the gift(s) are enclosed.  For $3 extra, you will have a handsome pleasant presentation for your gift.

Ballon  I know this sounds silly, but recently my mother had surgery and my kids bought her the cutest mylar FROG balloon. This was almost 3 mo ago, and he's still up and flying. This was a Dollar Tree purchase that she has really enjoyed. 

Potted plant  Do you have an attractive plan mom would enjoy? Use some tissue or gift wrap to adorn the pot with some ribbon or a bow.  Use a straw or some other small stick to intert a gift tag for her.

Family pic  Get out the camera and take some family shots.  You can purchase inexpensive frames from my fave store OR you can even get a small photo album from the same store to make a mini scrapbook.  These are loads of fun, and whether mom lives next door or across the country, she will love it!

Book  Is mom a reader? Do you already own a nice book in good condition she'd enjoy? Think about this one.  It's really a great deal for the busted budget.

Gift of service  If mom is near, have the kids and yourself DO something for mom like cleaning out her car and washing/waxing or some yard work like planting some pretty flowers that will bloom until winter.  Does mom need something or want some other service done for her home? Cleaning out places like attics and garages or washing windows will be appreciated.

OK~What are your ON A BUDGET Mother's Day ideas?
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