Monday, May 24, 2010

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?

Whoohoo! It's nice and warm here so last week hub and the kiddos worked in the yard to get our garden planted.  We are in the northern midwest so snow and coldish nights are definitely garden killers for young tender plants.  Some things worked for us this year and others did not.


Making the patch bigger by over 50%.
Tilling it up and tilling it again.  Breaking the soil down twice helped with grass removal.
Purchasing healthy veggie plants instead of starting our own~READ what didn't work and plans for NXT YR!
New way of "staking" the tomatoes and fencing the area to keep Peter Cottontail OUT of it!
Raised bed for lettuce and celery.  **WANT spring onions nxt year!

Didn't Work:
Growing our own starts in the basement despite light and soil.  Just too cool and forgot some crucial watering!
Tilling it all with our own small tiller.  Thank God for a Christian brother who helped with his tractor!
Buying plants, while it worked, the plan is this summer to construct a "greenhouse" of will follow!

Gardening is a process that can take years to cultivate the patch~soil and growing conditions.  
What a journey, and I can't wait to get into those FRESH VEGGIES~while not totally FREE, certainly lower in price and Oh SO healthy!


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Briana said...

I just found your other blog! I have a hard time starting things inside from seeds. I just plant things directly in the garden now. I bought a tomato plant but the ones I started from seed are the same size now even though they were started later than the store bought one!

Thanks for visiting my blog!