Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Thriving With NO Green$

So with the economy like it is, most of us are making it with the changes that we've accomplished.  I am finding new ways all the time to do things on LESS~I need new kitchen curtains.  OK~sooo, I pulled out some fabric I have that I had purchased for $1 and got: ONE table cloth, ONE runner, Two window curtains and ONE curtain for under the cabinet.  Whooot! Then to beat this absolutely cheap situation, I wanted some new curtains for the bathroom~enter left over fabric that had been 10 CENTS from a yard sale:  it made THREE king sized pillow cases, and ONE pair of bathroom curtains~ You know, this is all good and they are just perfect...WHAT can you do to save a buck and enhance your life? At this rate, I can save enough for a trip...or if things are really tight, SURVIVE!

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