Monday, June 28, 2010

Bargain Hunting~

Looking for the best prices includes the ACTUAL looking and shopping for prices while comparing the features of an item.  What is it, how is it made, and how much are three of the many many questions we have to ask ourselves before we settle in on a purchase.  Good deals are not always as they seem.  If something requires spending more money even though it's a great sale, it's not always such a good idea.  Think about clothing for example. If you hate to iron or find dry cleaning expensive, then fabric content is more than just a feature of the comfort and wearability in a garment~it's an essential to its value.  When I see a leather coat for instance. If it is genuine leather and will need dry cleaning then I know to calculate these costs into the total decision to purchase it or not. 

This weekend we hit some yard sales for deals on items we NEED! I love finding good quality items for pennies on the dollar or our spending.  We needed some glass storage jars for spices, coffee and other items like that so when I came across vintage jars with old coffee pressed logos I thought about how cute they'd be in my country kitchen. At .15 cents each they are truly a deal~

Finding a bargain entails hunting, and the better we are at knowing prices the potential BETTER the BARGAIN!

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