Friday, June 11, 2010

Making the Harvest Last

So the garden has begun coming in with the fruit of all the labor~whether it's your own labor or the farmers.  How to preserve the goodness has been a challenge for folks for years.  Last year we froze loads of our stuff. It was so delish this winter to pull our fresh fruit and veggies from the freezer to eat and enjoy~whoot! and so healthy!! Well, freezing is easy, no joke. But if you want to preserve food without a freezer canning is the way to go.  I have canned freshly made strawberry preserves which are to die for! This year, I am going to do a combination of both. Our freezer is just so big and we have more shelf space than freezer.  If you want to reduce the sodium and KNOW what's in your food, home preservation is the way to go.  I think in the morning we are going to hit the strawberry you pick.  Wonder where yours is near you? Search engine it~it's what I did!!

Here's a link about canning and harvest dates. KNOWING when the foods are available makes it possible as a first step!

Here's to preservation for later enjoyment!

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