Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Curtains and MO for a BUCK!

Custom kitchen curtain
I blogged some time ago that I was hoping to make some curtains for my kitchen with some fabric I found at a garage sale for a $1.  I've finally gotten them done and want to encourage you in your creativity to SAVE $$ wherever you can! Just think what savings you can enjoy if you use what talents God has given you.  WHAT can you do? Do you crochet, sew, knit, embroider, garden, scrapbook, make cards, food preservation canning, paint, clean, or WHAT that can save you money and add loveliness and good things to your home and life?

OK, so what did I make for a buck?  How about four pair of curtains (CUSTOM) as each window is different!
One table cloth AND one table runner! NO JOKE! ALL for that yard sale buck, some time and thread.

WHAT did I save?
Curtains at Wal-Mart of similar style are $9.99 a pair x4 = $40.00
Table cloth   $9.99
Runner $7.99
HOW about over $50 bucks SAVED! Oh yeah!!
I love when I can do more for so or SEW much less!

TOS CrewMates were buzzing about JoAnn's Fabrics giving discounts for homeschool teachers~check it out in your neck of the woods for additional savings! Oh yeah!

Give me a shout out on WHAT you can do to SAVE MONEY~

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