Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wooden Knife Care 101

My pics don't give justice to my GREAT knives!
Do you have wooden handled knives in your kitchen? Do they look good or are their handles cracked and parched looking? Are they your favorite knives, but you think they don't last very long as the handles give out long before their blades?

If you have wooden handle knives then you need to know that proper care is the key to preserving your cutlery for years to come!

I didn't know this until I married my hub almost twenty years ago, but we have knives that we have owned all this time ALL because...

Proper Care Tips:

1. Hand wash your knives ONLY.  Don't soak them in water or use the dish washer with them.  The moisture will cause the wood to swell and the handles to become brittle and possibly crack which is a risk of harm.

2.  Oil the blades when sharpening. You can use a sharpening stone to keep the blades nice and usable.  This makes them versatile.  Who wants to try to cut with dull stuff?

3.  I no longer use a wood block to store my cutlery, but I do have a wire drawer for them which provides ventilation and keeps them dry.  Dry knives will last longer.

Remember that keeping your cutlery lasting for years will require just a tad bit of planning. We put them separately from the sink and hand wash and dry them putting them away almost immediately so they are READY for the next use!

Happy cutting!

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