Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Get Started TACKLING Debt and Living~Tackle Tips 1-5

Making an assumption that debt is a near-death experience for many; it was for me; the burden being great in terms of killing off our peace and harmony in life.  Did you know that money problems TOP off the reasons why people divorce?  Getting money under control and debt resolved will bring great peace and satisfaction to your life.

I am going to suggest these Tackle Tips to form a plan and working strategy to remove that ole debt monster so that peace can reign in your life once again:

1.  Begin with prayer.  Pray that God will show you exactly what to do and give the willingness to do it.  (Being willing is HUGE!)

2.  If you are married, get the spouse and sit down having collected all the debt facts (statements, etc...) and make a list of the biggest in terms of overall dollars going out each month on the top of the heap.  Collect all payments for things that add accumulating interest.  Get a notebook and put this list in a vertical line and number the list: 1, 2, 3...

3.  Collect up all sources of income each month and have those available for view. NO GUESSING.  If your income fluctuates due to the type of job you or your spouse has then average the amount or take the lowest number you will have.  Come up with a pretty good idea of what is coming in.  Write that number down.

4.  Gently open a conversation without blame to either of you about the debt problem with your spouse.  Of course the spouse is probably aware that spending has potentially (there could be other factors, though) begun sending you all to the poor house!  Pray together asking God for willingness and ideas, for His will concerning this issue.

5.  Take a piece of paper for each of you and begin listing as you go about the next week, list down the purchases, dates and amounts AND purpose.  Sometimes the purpose matters like if you have to put an ER visit on a credit card because the cash is unavailable and a kiddo has a broken arm~these things do happen and without a reserve for emergencies, this can happen!  List it all~keep listing.  Leave nothing out~household expenses, school expenses, food, shelter, clothing, gifts,,,any and all places that collected your money throughout the week.

6.  Get together again with your spouse in about a week.  Make prayer and God a part of the process. Ask Him for clarity of mind and wisdom.  Discuss just WHAT and WHERE the money is going.  Make categories in the notebook for household expenses like Utilities/Groceries/Repairs/Decor/Yard Maintenance and more...list it all out and HOW MUCH or how little~the exact numbers...GET REAL here~honestly look at the numbers. Remember to also be kind no matter what the numbers show.  If you or your spouse has a shopping problem, gambling problem or some other problem, then be kind and not accuse.  Just list it all down.  Let God do the convicting and changing of the other person! He does and will in His time! But if you both list it all down you can clearly see your situation.

Okay, once you've done this~come back here for Tackle Tip 7.  The above will get you heading in the right direction with a clear view of the situation.  REMEMBER to pray, pray, pray as money issues really do cause stress and anxiety.  Anxiety especially if creditors are calling or interest rates are climbing for sure!  So be sure to bring God into the mix by making Him a part with the prayer in asking for the guidance and willingness. It's amazing what He can and will do.

Don't GIVE UP~You can WITH GOD and your spouse, find yourself repaying debt and having peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment like you won't believe!

I'd love to hear your comments and what' happening~If you comment, I will follow!

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