Monday, March 14, 2011

Regroup and Restructure~

I've left Thriving without much attention for far too long and I feel let to get back to sharing what is working to make debt better~

Debt reduction really means keeping more money in my pocket.  How this is done is the real challenge.  What are you doing to save right now or make it? Some have downsized and others are working more jobs...what's happening? What areas most interest you?Do you believe in and use coupons? Tell me how effective they are overall~Thanks for stopping in~

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Briana said...

We are growing as much food as we can this year. We shop for clothes at the thrift store first then sales. We eat mostly from scratch so coupons don't help much with our food bill. I do use them for diapers and household items. I'm trying to come up with more ways to save but haven't figured it out yet. My husband does work an extra job and will 'till he gets a raise or we pay off our vehicles. I don't like that he has to but I am grateful he is able to.