Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Falling for the Garden!

I've written a great deal about our garden efforts this year and the wonderful harvest from it! 54 qts of tomatoes are just waiting for my pot this next year along with squash, peppers, and in a few weeks~celery! I've had all the tomato and summer salad greens (spring mix and spinach) with cucumber a gal could enjoy FRESH from the patch! But Autumn is here, so now is the time to prepare for NEXT year's garden and bountiful harvest!

We have an overgrown and wieldy mess out there NOW~

Pull it out~chop it down and put into the compost.

One of the best things I am doing NOW for the future is composting!

All of our garden refuse will be chopped into the composting area so it can decompose...

We are tilling up our bed now, will put into it leaves and manure for the winter rest of the land...

Our yard does not have hardwood trees, but evergreens so we will offer to rake some leaves for some leaves for our bed...

We are falling for our garden this Autumn so our garden will produce for us next season!

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