Saturday, October 3, 2009

Money Mindedness~

If debt or other money issues are looming it can be HUGE in our lives! I've lived with this, and my attempts to become debt free are paying off over time~DEBT didn't happen overnight, so becoming FREE won't either! It's taking steps and processes and planning!

The VERY FIRST STEP is to identify your money values.  Everyone has a value.  We all think about money and how it effects us.  For me, I am interested MORE in security than in freedom.  I WANT to know that our mortgage, utilities and essentials are covered first! I don't care one ioda if I ever get to playland wherever IF my life isn't secure in a form of comfort! Now how does this effect my money spending and saving? You won't find SistaT on her way to playland if she's worried that the rent/mortgage or electric/gas bills are in jeopardy! NOPE, not me! But I have known others who would head out for fun and all that knowing full well that in two weeks the bills were coming due and that they would be short.  For ME this was crazy behavior, but for them it was satisfying the value of freedom.  I realize that juggling and 'making do' are strategys some employ~hey, hate to bring this up, but ever found someone ya know asking for a loan or 'help' because of this or that circumstance? We ALL find ourselves in perile occasionally, but some will make this a habit or annual occurance.  Ha! AND I'm not laughing, but scoffing at the game they are running.  "Who do ya think you're fooling?" as the old song says, cause it sure ain't me.  But trying NOT to judge here...truly trying NOT to can belief effect our habits. 

Do folks who prey on others for their funds find themselves feeling like they are owed in some way, or so pitiful that they are more needy or less empowered?  What about the cool $50 dropped on some habit or pleasure or indiscression (cable, internet~non essentials) WHEN the essentials such as kid's Christmas or basic living expenses are left lacking??????  One experience Sista had a few years ago was a lady who had some kids who would pizza night out all week long until the stamps and check were gone...THEN she had HER teenage daughter call Sista up for "some cleaning supplies" or "some fruit for the kids." DID THIS WOMAN not come to terms with the idea that she would NEED to clean and feed them beyond the pizza delivery man's tip in the weeks to come after the money and resources ran out???  This is a sad true tale.  Wish I could have made this one up, because what that young lady and the other children learned about financial responsibility was NOT good!  Our values get passed right on down to our children...right onto them for their futures! 

So what do you believe about money? Is it a tool to be used and USED UP? Is it a means for security to find ways to make life safe and comfortable making sacrifices here and there? Is it a means of freedom so that the burdens of life are lessened? Each of these AND MORE values are at the core of HOW we TREAT our money. 

If you've read me very much, you know I am all about living on the cheap.  Why? Because if I live like nobody right NOW, maybe I can have some security in these uncertain times...I don't want to worry about my lights or water or heat or phone or or or being shut down on my family...all because I valued something ELSE more! 

You might not be "into" my really strict and frugal methods NOW...but isn't it better to impose well thought out and implemented strategy before you are juggling to keep on the juice and a roof?  Think about the future~evaluate your values where money is concerned, and TAKE ACTION~today! Don't wait until some untoward economic hit smatters your lifestyle. 

Livin on the cheap~Reaping on the SECURE!
What is your Money Value?

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