Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TEAM WORK Challenge!

I am offering a TEAM WORK Challenge to everyone to lower the light bill by a percentage of usage this season...ha! AND IT'S miserably cold, so it's a HUGE challenge to find ways to lower the costs...HERE IT IS:

Compare your Dec electric bill with your coming Jan bill...Did you go up or down? If you went down, leave me a message with the amount your lowered and you will be entered into a contest.  I will draw the name of one participant for a prize~TBA! (Any ideas??? WHAT would YOU like to get as a prize??)

Spending less will require the cooperation of the entire family. 

Get with your spouse and then approach the kids.  Get everyone together and gain their cooperation~their help!  Provide incentives~What can you offer your family for their help? Can you take the savings and put it towards something EVERYONE will enjoy?  Is everyone invested in the saving results?

OK~HERE'S the CHALLENGE and you won't do it alone~it will take the entire family! But it's so worth it to teach thrift to everyone in the home~littles need this info too!


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jwiggins said...

we keep our bill low low low. Do the best we can with out freezing anyone out!