Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Store's EYE VIEW~

I went shopping today, and one of my huge BUDGET BOOSTING strategies is to primarily STAY OUT of the stores for fear my pockets will become empty of any money I have~well, let's just say I spend less if the "temptation" isn't present, OK? 

But today, I knew I needed to get into the fabric store to check out the pattern books for my daughter~I'm not picking her patterns, she will pick her own; it's that I wanted to scope them out a head of time so I could advise her on what might be appropriate or in line with her budding skills in sewing.  She's learning how to sew with some simple curtains made of ONE $3.88 flat twin sheet for both panels.  This is on the cheap for sure! AND I'd shopped for curtains for those window, and they were going to run about $40 per window!! WOW~what savings, but the best part is that she is learning a valuable skill FOR LIFE! As part of her homeschooling credit, I planned to let her make herself an Easter outfit for church.  As part of the incentive, she can design it herself using the pattern books and a WHOLE STORE full of luscious fabrics! (NOW you know why I was "scoping out" the fabric store, right???lol) Oh, I saw all kinds of goodies I think she will like, but I refrained as her having some choices will make the skill building experience more enjoyable for her!  My mouth watered though...I love fabric and actually looked for ME! I didn't get anything though~I have some fabric WAITING ON ME already!!

LESSONS HERE:  Teaching a skill to a TEENAGER-YIKES can be fun IF they believe they are in control.  LESSON #2: Don't get MO fabric if you have fabric ALREADY~use what I've got!

While I was there, I also had the chance to view some things about the fabric and hobby store which is right next door~HOW convenient for those of us with a crafty/creative bent???  There were people coming out of the hobby place which sells decor items gallore~with CARTS loaded...the lot has 3x's a many cars~~~the fabric store had a few cars and few shoppers.  I  am amazed, but not surprised as many don't know the art of sewing these days nor do they desire it.  Let's face it~it is work and when there are low cost clothing items available either new or on the secondary market (consignment/thrift/yard sales) WHY would a person go to this trouble?  There are several reasons to learn to sew.  Do you know how? Is it a skill you'd like to acquire? 


1. You can make wearable items for yourself or your family.  These can be as ornate or plain as you wish~you can give them a special touch!

2.  IF the secondary market goes away or prices increase or you have financial difficulties, you can use the skill to either sew for  yourself or family OR even it's a potential skill set for hire.  Seamstresses and tailors can be in demand.

3.  There's something special about the process.  I can't explain it, but trust me! When I get to create an item from a concept~there's nothing like it!

4.  For our children it gives them good eye hand coordination and will teach more self sufficiency. For a child in high school it can count in the Home Ec class credits for high school.

5.  Specialty fitting can be achieved.  Have you ever seen someone in ill-fitting clothes? NOBODY looks good in something that fits poorly! Our bodies are all unique and need special fitting! This is accomplished with making a garment.  I detest hiking skirts on full hips, and shoulder seams that are not on the shoulder properly! If a waist is high or too thick these can be altered for as the garment is made as well! It's endless~what about one arm slightly longer or some other "issue" in fitting.  These can be adjusted for and accomodations with make the person look a ZILLION BUCKS!

I want to encourage you to consider getting out your machine~dusting it off: soft clean rag/can of air to blow dust out of the bobbin compartment, and oil it properly.  READ the manual if you don't know how to do this!  Do you have fabric like I do?? Dig it out and make a plan.  Do you need to head to the fabric store like I did to check out patterns (BTW, I visited the store's website for coupons, and I HAVE THE DATES OF THE $1 PATTERN SALE~whooohoo! ALREADY!!!!)  Plan and then get going on a simple project if it's your first OR revisit the skill for a sew quick pick up!

Sew~WHAT are you going to make?

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